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10 Effective Ways to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company for Your Business

The mobile application has become a popular entity in online business and digital space alike. Due to the flexibility offered by mobile applications concerning online shopping, one-on-one interaction, and supporting online marketing made both consumers and businesses adopt mobile applications as a tool of necessity.

For small and medium-sized businesses or SMBs mobile applications have provided a whole new medium to get a grasp of customer behaviors. By studying how often customers visit the app with other data related to user behavior e-commerce companies can create relevant offers and discount packages to establish customer loyalty, which adds to their revenue generation. With push notifications, SMBs can generate brand awareness and even draw the attention of their existing clients to the latest offers.

From users’ point of view, to make a purchase, video call, chat, or even make online transactions they do not have to rely on their desktop or carry their laptop with them. 

Mobile apps offer them a much-desired flexibility that was once impossible without a desktop that required some physical space to operate. With the help of mobile apps users can conduct all the necessary tasks from anywhere without much hassle.

In 20222 according to Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2023-2029), the Mobile Application Development Market was valued at a staggering US$ 213.69 Bn. Moreover, the Global Mobile Application Development Market has been predicted to expand at a CAGR of 25.7 % over the forecast period. These facts suggest that mobile application is here to stay and with 6.92 billion smartphone users around the world in 2023, the prospect of mobile application seems to be bright.

It is a no-brainer that someone with a startup plan in the pipeline must leverage these advantages of the flexibility of mobile devices to its fullest. Despite optimizing his or her business websites for mobile devices, entrepreneurs must launch a mobile app; to boost branding awareness and expedite the process of client engagement with their product or business through mobile application downloads.

However, professional mobile app development is not an easy task. It requires a clear project goal, clarity of thought, innovative brainstorming to make the product stand out, competitor analysis, market research, and so on. Above all a mobile application requires the right mobile application development company that can turn the mobile application functionality and workflow into reality, to achieve the overall business goal within a stipulated time frame.

The advantages of hiring an appropriate company to design and develop your mobile application are:

– They will meet the deadline

– Support you with their professional insights

– Identify the drawbacks in your initial planning

– They will guide to you resolving the issues with your initial mobile development plan by pointing out what you can achieve with the technology and the budget

Having said that, in the current digital era when mobile application development companies are mushrooming with every passing day it has become a real challenge –

How to understand you have chosen the right mobile development company for your business?

There are certain telltale signs, which will help you to get a proper understanding of whether the company is fit for your project or not. Needless to say, you need to exercise caution to notice those signs and decide for yourself.  Here are some major signals that you must be watchful of –

1. Check the Reviews and Ratings of the Previous Clients – If the mobile development company has good reviews and ratings from previous clients then the company is trustworthy. However, check the project for which the company got reviews and ratings, if it is for mobile app development then it is a green flag, otherwise not. Moreover, you can look for the validity of the clients, through Google or LinkedIn since many companies create fake client profiles and add reviews and ratings to lure clients into their services.

2. Look for Relevant Case Studies in the Company Website – Case studies are crucial to know if the company has worked on a relevant mobile app development project, through the case study a mobile application development company keeps a record of how they have worked on a particular project from start to end. A case study is a potent way to know if the app development company is eligible to work on your project. As a potential client, you can read those case studies. 

If the company has a case studies page on their website you can download the files from the page and go through with it. Sometimes a company asks for email ID or contact details to download those case studies as a lead-gathering mechanism.

Look if they had a decent number of case studies to their credit relevant to mobile app development. You can get a good idea about their project roadmap and working style in advance from those case studies, which will help you communicate with the company in the future.

3. Maintain Proper Steps of Communication – If you don’t want to get frequent calls from several mobile app development agencies during your working hours; then do maintain proper communication steps.

If you found a mobile app development company you think is eligible to meet your project requirements then start the communication through an email and avoid sharing your contact number.

Provide a formal introduction of yourself and your company, share your project details, and ask them for the budget and time frame. Review their estimation and timeframe, avoid overpriced quotations, and any kind of promise that is “too good to be true” is a red flag.

4. Review the Portfolio Page on the Website – Check the portfolio page of the mobile app development company’s website, and see if any mobile app development projects have been showcased on their list of successful projects.

To be doubly sure if their company website has a separate page dedicated to “case study” then review the case study page as well and find out if they have a case study of a similar project, which was showcased on their portfolio page as well. Through this, you can get an idea that the company had worked on the project that is featured in their portfolio section.

5. Get a First-Hand Impression through Mobile App Download  If you found some app development projects on the portfolio page of the website of the company you have shortlisted, the best and smart approach will be to download that mobile application and check the functionality and workflow for yourself.

The process may take some time but it will help you to understand the efficacy of their mobile application developers. You can also see if the name of the mobile application development company is mentioned somewhere on the mobile application, though it was not a very significant parameter to look for.

6. Judge the Agency from their Questions – An efficient mobile application development company will never rush to close the deal as they have a reputation to worry about. The best development companies always have a close look at your requirements as they consider clients as God. They will always ask some key questions to get a clearer idea about your project requirements and project goals since they will analyze your project descriptions or requirements through the developer’s lens.

The question the mobile app development company may ask completely depends on the job description or the project requirements that you have sent to the concerned company. However, some basic queries may be about –

– Your project goals

– Your target audience

– Your preferred color scheme for the interface design

– Your desired turnaround times

– Your immediate competitors

7. Transparency in Calls – When you call up the company and have a discussion with the accounts manager or the project manager; keep in mind that a good company will always maintain transparency and share a proposal concerning the main functionalities and the design concept.

They will also provide a clear budget breakdown and share a proper turnaround time for the app development project that will entail the design, development, and publishing of your mobile application on Google Play and Apple Play Store.

8. Look for their Post-Development Support Offers – Mobile app development is a complex process and involves several customization and cutting-edge coding tasks. Many companies appoint testers to ensure quality output from their development team.

However, the mobile app may face some technical challenges after being published, leading to a bad user experience. To remedy the glitch the concerned mobile app development company must provide at least 1-2 months of complimentary maintenance and fix the errors in no time to ensure smooth functionality of the mobile app.  Do not forget to ask the company about the post-development support before awarding the project to them.

9. Notice the Signs of Integrity through their Communication Process – A professional mobile app development team will always keep a steady flow of communication with you and always keep you updated during the progress of the project via email, video call, Skype, and so on. For a good company.

10. See How They Plan the Budget Breakdown –A good company is known for its professional approach and will never rush to grab the project with pricing that only suits you. We all know that cheap and best is a myth that has lured investors since time immemorial. However, quoting an exuberant amount is not ethical and a good app developer is always mindful of that.

They will always ask for a reasonable amount if you look to change the functionality of the mobile application or tweak the scope of work in the middle of the project. A good mobile app development company will raise the project cost but will provide you with a logical explanation at the same time. If they require additional time owing to certain changes in the scope of work, they will also communicate the same without a second thought.

In a nutshell, a good mobile app development company or any good service provider never keeps their esteemed clients in the dark. They are aware of the fact that as a client you might not have a piece of technical knowledge and ask for something in the middle of a project, which may require additional effort or even not be possible to include in the current scope of work. They will always explain the matter to you in layman’s language so that you can understand the current scenario and make the right decision accordingly.

 Apart from the above approaches you can also look for a good mobile app developer or development company in popular freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Guru, People Per Hour, and so on., but caution is a must for you since it’s your business and your dream. Your choice may make it or break it.