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Blogger’s Bio
Hello all,
I am Nilutpal Maitra, a digital marketing enthusiast, and online marketing & technology consultant. I have been in the industry for almost 9+ years now.
While working as an online marketer and a qualified digital marketing executive. I have come across different people around the world.
However, by communicating with them I have come across 3 major myths of digital marketing and online technologies, which most of the clients think to be true, those are –

1. Online marketing can give you overnight results

2. Online marketing is a very inexpensive mode of marketing

3. Freelancers are the cheapest and best resource to work with in online marketing compared to an agency.

Like any other myths under the sun, these thoughts are not entirely true, and many startups and entrepreneurs fail in the trap while looking for overnight results at a minimal cost.
My blogs and videos on digital marketing and online technologies will be there to keep you aware and updated; while you will run an online campaign, develop a website, and create a high- end application.
Follow my blogs and videos to understand concepts of AI, VR, UR, Cryptocurrency, Website development, Application Development, and Digital Marketing.